Sadly, we live in a world today where our first assumption about people is that they are trying to
screw us over. I am not sure if it has to do with Mercury being in retrograde (I’m still unsure what that actually means) or if it’s just been a week of trying to put myself out there and getting more negative reactions than anything else. It has caused me to stop and reflect on this idea, “Why are people so quick to judge and assume that others want to harm them without much information or prior history?

I feel like I have this flaw about me, which I assumed was a good trait to have growing up. I grew up
believing that people did things with good intentions, excluding those who commit horrible crimes
upon the vulnerable. Even though I didn’t grow up Christian, I did believe in the golden rule, “Do unto
others as you would have them do unto you.” But we are now in a world where we can’t believe this. If
we do, we may have our rights taken away, our money, or even our lives or the lives of the ones we love.

We have been conditioned over hundreds of years that we can not trust the people who promise to take care of us, protect us, and look out for our best interests. This goes for the people we interact with every day to the government that runs the world. We have been shown over and over that we can not rely upon or trust anyone else besides ourselves and our interests. Honestly, sometimes that can be questionable (admit it, we have all been hungry and spoken harshly to someone at one time or another, but it wasn’t intentional). I can understand that people are on high alert and always in self-preservation mode. It is extremely sad that this is our current truth.

This week I sent out two emails and posted a couple of posts on Facebook. All an attempt to offer
something I felt might be of value to someone. I am all about sharing what I have with others. If this is
knowledge or an opportunity, I want others to know about it. It comes from pure intentions. I emailed
about some events that I would be hosting and posted about a couple of openings in my business.
One response I got was that I was a scammer, while another one insinuated that I was taking
advantage of individuals and offering low wages. Both automatically responded without knowing more
information. To be honest, my first reaction was anger and eagerness to dismiss them, but that would be
doing the same thing they were doing themselves. I took a moment and reflected and tried to see
things from their point of view. I responded with inquiring stance and empathy. It was very hard. I
have not heard back from the woman that accused me of being a scammer, and the Facebook post
continues to blow up with other people arguing over their opinions.

It makes me sad that we are so ready to attack each other. We are all so hurt and burned-out
that we are resorting to our natural instincts of self-preservation. For me, I will probably continue to
believe that most people do things from a pure place in their hearts. And I want you to know that if I am sending
out an email or creating a post about something, I have something I want to share with you,
not because I want something. Not everything I am offering will be for everyone, but it could be
for someone, and I want to make sure that opportunity exists.

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