This Is Me

A little while ago I wrote a post that showed my vulnerability, spoke my truth, and told the story of my journey. It wasn’t received well by some, which to me was surprising. I let their opinions weigh me down for about a day. I processed that pain that I may have caused. I felt guilty for causing it and questioned my own intentions. After a day of sitting with this, this is what I realized. Exposing a personal part of you is scary, and not everyone will be open to receiving it.  That’s the part that makes you feel so vulnerable.

I am happy and proud of what I have done in my life, but it doesn’t mean it didn’t cause discomfort for others. They are not on the same journey as I am. They’re on their own journey, taking it at their own pace and that is okay.

I was also accused of exploiting my journey for business gains, and this gave me a very short pause. Reflecting on this accusation, I realized I am my business, my journey, and the experience that I have gone through is what makes me the talented coach that I am. I use my experiences and what I have learned from my success and failures as tools to help others. I’m a very open and giving person, and love that about myself.

So I agree, I did use that post to put a spotlight on my business because I want others to know that I understand what it’s like to take a chance in uncertain times and sometimes fail doing it.  It’s scary and I haven’t done it all on my own. I have some amazing support from friends, family, and coaches. I will continue to share my journey and I will continue to help others on their journey with transformation because that’s who I am and that’s what I do