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Work With Me…

YOU are here right now because you’re ambitious and want something more from life. You’ve already tried other ways of making a change in your life but haven’t achieved the results you were hoping for. Maybe you’re preparing for a transition in life or business, and you need support and accountability.

Hi. I’m Melissa DaSilva. I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals in helping them make a change in their lives. My clients range from individuals looking for help in making a pivot in their careers and life journey to members of the LGBTQ+ community who need coaching and support with “coming out.”


Why people hire me…

  • I am a licensed Mental Health Therapist and Certified Hypnotist.

  • I am a successful entrepreneur who started a business with practically no money.

  • I am the host of the successful podcast, “Pride Connections.”

  • I can get my clients focused and help them produce results.

  • I hold my clients accountable.

  • I’m honest and caring.

  • I am creative in finding ways to help my clients reach their goals

Who this is for…

Private 1:1 coaching is reserved on a limited basis. I typically have a waiting list because I only work with a minimal number of clients at a time. I am committed to the success of every one of my clients. 


That being said, we might be a perfect match if…

You’re looking for someone at your level that you can talk with and strategize on getting more significant results.

You’re looking to make a change in your life and willing to put in the work.

You’re looking to be held accountable, yet feel supported in your journey.

You are action-driven and excited for a change.

Who this is not for…

My Private 1:1 coaching is not designed for individuals who aren’t willing to put the work and contribute to the process. My clients must be goal-oriented and ready to take a chance on making change, even when it may feel uncomfortable. 

How We Work Together…

I like to keep it super simple.

First, we need to talk. If you relate to what you have read so far, I want to speak with you. (Look for the form at the bottom of this page).

Once we talk and I understand more about you and your goals, assuming we want to join forces to help create the change you are looking for in your life or career, we can figure out which one of my programs works best for you. 


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