Wild Woman Retreat

Regenerate, Renew, Emerge with us in Puerto Rico!

Is there something stirring within you…

a yearning to make space for a “time-in” with yourself to regenerate, renew and reconnect with your own desires and dreams?

It’s time to take pause, put down the phone and responsibilities, breathe deeply as you are surrounded by earth, jungle, ocean, and sky, quieting your mind and grounding into what’s next as you tap into your truest, most authentic, wild woman within…

It’s time to reconnect with your inner self…

That might mean uncovering the truth and dreams that are ready to be fully free.

Or reconnecting with who you came here to be.

It might mean taking some space to see what clarity unfolds for your next step.

No matter the transformation that’s in store, you will be inspired, regenerated and  renewed. You will walk away with a reconnection to your innermost desires, and empowered with new energy and direction to live the life that you desire.

Join Us

Wild Woman Retreat

Reconnect with the Inner Wild within you

July 21-24, 2021

4 days in the jungle + beach in Puerto Rico

Guided sessions • Creative play • Connection
Luxury accommodations • Private chef meals
Pre & post-coaching integration support

What’s in store for you

Our experiences are facilitated according to the following guiding principles to create safety, empower vulnerability and honor truth:

  • Judgment free of ourselves and others

What becomes possible when you stop judging yourself for what you truly desire? This is a safe space for you to explore whatever is coming up for you, and whatever comes next. You’ll be supported in staying curious and examining your feelings and ideas through a judgment-free lens.

  • Resistance is Opportunity

Resistance to growth and change is natural. You’ll be guided to consider where the resistance is coming from, and if you are open to receiving you’ll be guided to move through the resistance to move closer to what you desire to release, and to call in.

  • Release compare-it is

Everyone comes with self-doubts and fears. This is a place for you to let down your walls, and be with yourself, free of judgment or comparing yourself to others. Everyone’s journey is unique and different and you’re invited to respect and trust that everyone’s journey is uniquely their own, while your journey is your own, free from any need to compare to others.

  • Your Personal Truth is the path to freedom

In this experience, you’ll be invited to tune in with yourself and what you authentically desire. This is your one of a kind life and the answers come from within you.

  • Progress over perfection

Perfectionism can be the killer of dreams. There’s never a perfect time or perfect situation. During the retreat, you’ll be invited to participate and share your ideas openly, regardless of how “imperfect,” they seem to be. And coming out of the retreat you’ll be offered a continued support container to continue taking action and steps forward to stay in flow in progress, rather than stalled by perfectionism.

  • Prepare to have some fun! In the experience, you’ll be invited into creative play and fun, because life is meant to be enjoyed! And even through the occasional tears, we like to laugh a lot!

Melissa Dasilva, LICSW


Melissa provides transformational coaching to Queer professionals and creatives seeking to finally breakthrough fears and roadblocks holding them back and step into their goals and dreams – both personally and professionally. Melissa is the author of The Profitable Practice, CEO of East Coast Mental Wellness, the host of the weekly podcast, Chit Chat with the Queer and Creative, and provides 1-1 coaching and group retreats through Melissa DaSilva transformational coaching.

Amber Swenor


Amber Swenor is a transformational life and business strategist, with a gift for creating space for people to uncover their truth and step into a life and business that’s aligned to who they authentically are. Guided by the belief that, “your truth is the path to freedom,” Amber has worked with numerous people, entrepreneurs, and companies worldwide helping them uncover their authenticity so that they can live and lead a values-aligned life and business. Amber’s mission is to help people step into their truest selves while creating businesses that are aligned to that authenticity and bring immense joy, profitability, impact and even global healing, through business. Amber leads Soul Seed, a $1M+ transformational brand strategy and coaching firm focused on helping purpose-driven leaders and companies to uncover the soul of their brand and then scale that brand through strategy, marketing, and consistent actions that are aligned to the leader’s values. She’s a global business trainer, professional speaker, front-woman in Morningstar, and soon-to-be-published author. One of her favorite spaces to be is a retreat experience bearing witness to the magic that unfolds for people as they peel back layers of self-doubt and fear, and learn to lead from their internal wisdom, their inner knowing, their Soul Seed.

Our story of collaboration, friendship, and professional working relationship highlights the magic that is in store for each of us when we are open to stepping into the things that call our soul forward….

Four years ago we had no idea that a trip to the Philippines would lead to a deeply meaningful friendship, professional working relationship, and now combining forces to host you in beautiful Puerto Rico.




For your full container of all inclusive support:


Luxury shared villa, potential of sharing a sleeping room (every guest has their own bed)


Guarantee yourself a private

sleeping room with twin beds


Guarantee yourself a

private sleeping room with a queen bed

Breathe out, everything is provided for you from arrival to departure

  • 4 days in the jungle + beach in Puerto Rico
  • 3 nights accommodation included, July 21-24 (option to arrive early/extend longer)
  • Transportation
  • Guided sessions – creative play – connection
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Private chef meals
  • Pre & post-coaching integration support
  • Experiential activities included
  • =Magic that awaits you …

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