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5 Reasons why Every Therapist should be a Part of a Mastermind

January 8, 2018


Masterminds have changed the way I run my practice and how I set goals for my future.  I believe that every therapist should be a part of a Mastermind if they want their practice to be successful and personally fulfilling.  Masterminds are not peer or clinical supervision.  Some of the best Masterminds I have been a part of have been with individuals who had businesses unrelated to therapy.  Nevertheless, they helped me look at my business and my goals from different angles and held me accountable to achieving my set goals. 


So what is a Mastermind?


Masterminds are a group of people either from your industry or from others who discuss and help solve issues that you are experiencing or grappling with in your business or practice. Some Masterminds are held all at one time, like the one I attended in the Philippines, while others meet on an ongoing regular basis.   Each member of the group has an opportunity to be in the ‘hot seat’ for a period of time to discuss their business, their problem or the goal they want help with. The ‘hot seat’ tends to be no less than 20 minutes. Once the member is done discussing their problem and goal, the other members of the group will ask follow up questions and offer suggestions based on their past experiences and expertise.  It is also a great opportunity to suggest other resources or people that the ‘hot seat’ member could benefit from connecting with.  Once the set time is up, another member of the group gets the ‘hot seat’ and the process starts all over again. Ultimately, each person in the group gets the opportunity to talk about their business and the problem they want to solve.  It’s a pretty easy activity with a huge impact.

Why should every Therapist and Practitioner be in a Mastermind?




1. Networking

Many therapist and practitioners have a difficult time with getting out into the world and making connections with other professionals who may be a great referral source or business contact.  We tend to only think about our sessions with clients and not think about the business as a bigger entity.  Joining a Mastermind gives you an opportunity to learn about others and their practice and to connect socially with them.  One connection could lead to another.  Creating connections and relationships with others in one of the biggest ways to increase the success of your business. 


2. You learn information you weren’t taught in school


Most graduate schools don’t teach you how to run a therapy business and they certainly don’t teach you how to make money in it.  We are told “You don’t get into this business to make money”.  A Mastermind can help you learn how to take you practice to the next level and how to feel good about what you’re doing.  The therapy world is also famous for telling us to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others.  Well, how are we supposed to do this if we can’t pay for our rent?  The right Mastermind can teach you how to do both. 


3. You don’t feel alone in your practice


I have heard from so many therapists that they feel like they don’t feel connected with others who understand what it’s like to be in the therapy business.  Many feel isolated and don’t know how to reach out to others for support.  This is especially true when it comes to wanting a financially successful practice.  The stigma around wanting to make money in our field prevents us from reaching out to others.  ‘What will others think if they know that I want to help others and make a good living?’  Masterminds offer you the convenience to discuss your struggles and support you in reaching your goals.


4. You step up your business to the next level


In a Mastermind you are in a group of other like-minded individuals who are there to support you in achieving your goals.If there are others in the group who are farther along in the process than you, you have someone who can help guide you through the process and avoid pitfalls.There is a saying “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. If you are spending time in a Mastermind with other successful and purpose-driven therapists, you too will eventually become a successful therapist.


5.You are held accountable 


In a Mastermind you discuss what your goals are and you are held accountable by the group to achieve them.Nobody wants to be the member of a Mastermind who doesn’t work to meet their set goal.If you invest in a Mastermind you make sure you show up at each session with a determination to participate fully in it to catalyze practice/business success.


Every therapist who wants to create a successful practice should invest in a Mastermind. 

If you are interested in being in a Mastermind with other therapists, check out my page and see if

‘A Private Practice Made Easy’ Mastermind is a good fit for you. 





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