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MASTERMINDS: How they can successfully change your therapy business

January 1, 2018

In March 2017, I attended an event in the Philippines. Going to the Philippines was like traveling across the world (16-hours flying)! But it was worth it. It was the 2017 edition of Chris Drucker’s Tropical Think Tank. When I told others that I was going to the Philippines for a business conference, I got many different responses: “Why would you need to go to the Philippines for a conference?”, “You’re going to get kidnapped there!”, and “What’s so special at that conference that you can’t get here in the States?”  My husband flattened out and said “You’re not going to the Philippines for a conference. You can’t afford it”. I promptly laughed and said “Yes I am”. The website promised that this event was going to be life-changing. To me, this was a huge promise to make. I wanted to be a part of that experience.



I went. This event was, honestly, life-changing for me and my therapy practice.  I will admit that the ticket wasn’t cheap, and I didn’t have enough funds stashed away in the bank, at the time, to cover the travel and conference costs (my husband was right!).  One of the qualities I appreciate so much in my person is that I am a ‘go-getter’. I have this ability to get just about anything, I desire to do, done.  I hustled to make my trip to the Philippines happen.  I sold items I was emotionally attached to; I created a Kickstarter campaign and raised funds and I opened my first business credit card, which turned out to be a rewards card and not a credit card and required me to pay it off at the end of the month!  Through it all, I made it to the event and witnessed, first hand, that the life-changing experience the Chris Duckers’ website promised was a reality.




I spent 5 days on a tropical resort with 50 other attendees and 10 keynote speakers.  I was the only therapist at this event. The networking was amazing.  I met people in industries I would have never come into contact with if I just attended any-ol’ training in the States for therapist and social workers.  At the end of each day we all participated in a leisure activity with the speakers.  I sang karaoke with authors, snorkeled with high profile podcasters and ate dinner with serial entrepreneurs. This whole experience felt like an entrepreneurial summer camp. Tears filled many eyes when it was time to part. 




Coming home to the cold winter and back to my solo practice and part-time day job was a bit depressing after this amazing event! 


One of the most important highlights of the Tropical Think Tank event was the Mastermind sessions, which ensued after each speaker had spoken.  The Mastermind session was where all the great ideas were born and inspiration flowed like a river. I participated in all 5 Masterminds during this event and received such priceless information. The information I got at this session changed my business into a money-making practice.  I had never encountered the type of experience I had there at any social work training.  I have never been able to talk freely about wanting to make money at any social work event like I did at the Tropical Think Tank event at the Philippines. 



If you haven’t experienced a Mastermind here is the set up:


A group of people who may or may not be in your industry type get together. Some Masterminds are held all at one time, like the one I attended in the Philippines, while others meet on an ongoing regular basis.   Each member of the group has an opportunity to be in the ‘hot seat’ for a period of time to discuss their business, their problem or the goal they want help with. The ‘hot seat’ tends to be no less than 20 minutes. Once the member is done discussing their problem and goal, the other members of the group will ask follow up questions and offer suggestions based on their past experiences and expertise.  It is also a great opportunity to suggest other resources or people that the ‘hot seat’ member could benefit from connecting with.  Once the set time is up, another member of the group gets the ‘hot seat’ and the process starts all over again. Ultimately, each person in the group gets the opportunity to talk about their business and the problem they want to solve.  It’s a pretty easy activity with a huge impact.


The masterminds I attended at this event were worth the 16-hour flight to the Philippines.  These sessions made me think bigger about my practice and how I can grow my personal brand. They helped plant seeds for future projects.  I am also held accountable to achieve the goals I discussed in my Masterminds by the other members of these groups because we are still connected today via social media.  We regularly check in with one another and celebrate one another’s successes. When we encounter one another at different events, we feel like we have run into a long-distant relative. 



Masterminds changed the way I run my practice and business. I want other therapist and practitioners to experience the benefits of being in a Mastermind and that is why in 2018 I will start offering a Mastermind service to the members of my Facebook group, dubbed, ‘A Private Practice Made Easy’.  I truly feel that Masterminds are especially important in our line of work.  We tend to feel isolated and when it comes to wanting to talk about making money, most therapists are afraid to even admit that they even think about making good money. My Masterminds will help change the way other therapists think about their practice and how they can make money in it.  If you want to change the way you think about your practice and start living the life you want, joining ‘A Private Practice Made Easy’ Mastermind may be the step you need to take in 2018.





















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