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The Freedom Journal

October 23, 2017


By John Lee Dumas


This book is a resource that you can use personally in your practice or as a tool for clients. I found it very useful for clients that have a goal but need some structure so that they can accomplish them. It has been useful for client to bring the journal to sessions each week to reflect on the progress between sessions.  I have personally used this resource in launching my podcast.  It helped me stay focused on what my end goal, while help me map out the steps to getting to that goal was.


When you order this journal you are invited to join the Freedom Journal Facebook group.  The group itself is amazing.  The author is extremely involved in the group and seems happy to answer any question members have.   The journal is a lovely hard cover book that is set up to help you take specific steps to reaching your goal. It’s set up reminds me of a clinical treatment plan.  You are asked to write down your goal and then the steps to reach that goal. The journal is divided up into ten 10 day sprints. At the start of each day you are asked to write down what you are grateful for. I have found it very useful to carve out time to be thankful for what we already have in live.  At the end of each day you are asked to reflect on your day and how you can improve on it. 


Although this journal wasn’t developed as a therapeutic tool, it has been very useful with working with my clients.  It would be interesting to have a group that included this journal as a tool.  Having the real lie accountability would probably increase goal success.  I encourage any therapist to give this journal a try in their practice with a client or two.  It can also be a useful tool for therapist who are planning on creating a new project or program in their practice.  I can help you stay focused and successful. 


Author Bio: John Lee Dumas is an American entrepreneur and podcaster based in Puerto Rico. He is the founder and host of EOFire, a daily podcast that interviews entrepreneurs 7 days a week.

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October 23, 2017

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